Prince Harry testifies in his UK tabloid case: Live updates

Prince Harry says it’s “painful” to stumble across cheering stories about his split with ex-girlfriend Chelsy Davy.

The Duke, who dated Davy on-and-off for several years after meeting in 2004, said the headlines appeared to celebrate the news rather than sympathize.

“Going through it again now – it’s painful to say ‘Hooray Harry’s been dumped’ and such a personal moment turned into a little giggle,” the exiled royal said.

“It is incredibly disturbing that the payments are referred to as Project Harry.”

Harry said that at no time did he speak to the palace about his relationship with Davy.
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“The level of observation I was in was quite something,” he added.

Green, who represents Mirror Group newspapers, said: “You’re not suggesting ‘Hooray Harry’ to celebrate being dumped, are you?”

“Again, whether it’s been used before or not, to me, to be the subject or victim of this, to see the word used in this context is offensive,” Harry told the court.

“The article cites it [Chelsy] Tired of ‘his hooray lifestyle’ — it’s not celebrating the demise of your relationship,” Greene told Harry.

“Looks a bit nasty,” replied the duke.

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