Morgan Wallen sues over canceled Mississippi concert

This guy.
Photo: Terry Wyatt/WireImage

Morgan Wallen has squandered so many opportunities to be an active public figure at this point that the discerning mind wonders if it’s all part of extended performance art … until you actually listen to his music (on his new album, he rhymes, “Find a crowd. Records.” along with “Catch a Bunch of Pigs”). There may not be that much going on under his mullet. The country singer canceled a show in Oxford, Mississippi, minutes before he was due to take the stage on Sunday, April 23, after the opening acts for his One Night at a Time World Tour stop had already been performed. , a message flashed across the screen to the 60,000-strong audience at the Ole Miss football stadium:

Ladies, unfortunately Morgan has lost his voice and is unable to perform tonight – so tonight’s show is cancelled. Make your way safely to the stadium exits. Refunds for tonight [sic] Available at event point of purchase.

The fans got angry and posted it TikTok From inside the stadium crying and apologizes for the use of his Jumbotron notes finger. The next day, a wronged fan went a step further and filed a class-action lawsuit against him on behalf of himself and other concertgoers. According to “Page Six” Brandi Burgham’s lawsuit for breach of contract and negligence claims she did not get her money back as promised at the concert. Also, he argues that fans should be compensated for additional costs such as transportation and merchandising.

Wallen is on vocal rest and has since postponed three upcoming shows in Michigan, Illinois and Nebraska. But some fans believe the “vocal rest” was a cover-up, and the real reason Wallen bailed minutes before the show was because he was reportedly too intoxicated to make it to the stage. They based these claims on a video of a security guard saying he was “highly intoxicated,” “couldn’t walk” and “an ambulance took him away.” The video has yet to be verified, and Wallen insisted on Instagram Stories that he is on “voice rest as ordered by the doctor” and that he feels “terrible about the news.”

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