Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are out of escrow on another home


JLo and Ben

We keep pulling out!!!

… Re-bail in escrow house

Jennifer Lopez And Ben Affleck They couldn’t make up their minds … and left a house they were going to buy back out of escrow.

Sources with direct knowledge tell TMZ … JLo and Ben appeared to be buying a Pacific Palisades home for $34.5 million.

Our sources say … they were supposed to close escrow last Friday, but they pulled out just before it was signed, sealed and delivered.

As we reported, they were spotted at a nearby mansion last Tuesday — when they were Still in escrow In another house — so they’re not sure about the house they’re going to get.

Our sources say they are now in escrow on another home. I don’t know if that’s what I saw on Tuesday. We were told they looked at another house last week as well.

At least one of the estates they looked at last week was going for twice what they spent.


At least it was a second home, but bailed out at the last minute.

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