‘Hypnotic’ Marks Career-Worst Wide Open For Robert Rodriguez, Ben Affleck


It’s unusual for a movie directed by the likes of Robert Rodriguez and starring Ben Affleck to barely make it onto the radar of new movies opening the box office.

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This lack of awareness helps explain why Hypnotic It opened to $2.4 million from 2,118 theaters over the May 14-16 weekend, marking the worst national opening of any film directed by Rodriguez or starring Affleck. Hypnotic Losing tens of thousands after spending $65 million reinforces what every aspiring Hollywood studio executive knows: marketing is a must.

The sci-fi action-thriller faced several setbacks on its way to the big screen. Solstice Studio’s explosion in late 2021The film was set to be marketed and released.

Solstice, led by indie veteran Mark Gill, was counting Hypnotic To create its future. But the young company enjoyed moderate success in the 2000s but was derailed by the pandemic. unhindered. (The Russell Crowe road-rage thriller has fared relatively well in theaters considering the current Covid-19 crisis.)

A few months ago, Solstice entered into a strategic partnership with Jeff Rapinoe’s Studios 8, and Hypnotic It was their first project together (the two worked together when Robinov was head of production at Warner Bros. and Gill was head of Warner Independent).

Sankranthi worked with marketing the film and handling the US distribution International Sales. The film sparked interest among foreign buyers, who put up a significant portion of the film’s reported $65 million budget, which would later be released in more than 2,000 locations in the United States.

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But when the solstice leadership loosened, Hypnotic Earlier this year, the boutique slipped off the radar until it was tipped off foreign buyers attending the Berlin Film Festival market. Ketchup has become a US distributor.

Ketchup did not respond to requests for comment.

The film premiered at South by Southwest earlier this year and is in the works and opened in the midnight slot in the US ahead of its international premiere. 2023 Cannes Film Festival. (No doubt the film’s financiers hope that the Cannes slot will help sales at the foreign box office.)

In America, the marketing campaign Hypnotic Affleck was so small that he didn’t do any press. Insiders speculate that the film’s release date was an attempt to piggyback on the marketing campaign windAffleck’s acclaimed Nike sports drama had an exclusive run in theaters before debuting on Prime Video over the weekend.

In Hypnotic, Affleck stars as Detective Danny Rourke, who ponders the unsolved kidnapping of his 7-year-old daughter and tries to determine what forces are behind it. Also starring Alice Braga and William Fitner.

Until now, 1998s Phantoms It marked the lowest wide opening of Afek’s career ($3 million) since 2003 Lilies ($3.8 million), according to ComScore, a wide unadjusted for inflation defined in this case as 1,500 or more screens.

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