Royals boogie to Lionel Richie at the Coronation Concert

John Lennon, when The Beatles performed at the 1963 Royal Variety Show, urged those in the royal box to “shout their jewels”.

Sixty years later, Lionel Richie made no such request to bring the royal family to their feet at a special concert in the grounds of Windsor Castle on Sunday night to celebrate the coronation.

Charles, Camilla, William, Kate, Edward and Sophie were eager to dance, while the younger generation, George and Charlotte looked miserable for a while but eventually joined in. There’s no word on whether Harry and Meghan are throwing forms back with Lilybet and Archie. In Montecito, but somehow, the Royalist doubts it.

An evening of cheese, spectacular views and an environmental message, renowned DJ He later said the king had said “I want the Ibiza Classics, that’s very specific”.

Presence of Hugh Bonneville, in Paddington The fame, as compere, fueled hopes that the marmalade-loving bear would reprise his lead role from Jubilee for the Coronation, but ultimately it was not to be. However, there were video cameos of Winnie-the-Pooh, who salutes the king for letting the red squirrels into the house, and Tom Cruise, who flies a plane and says, “Pilot, your majesty, you can be my wingman at any time,” before flying off.

There was another cameo from Miss Piggy and Kermit, who crashed on stage. When Miss Piggy proposes to Bonneville, Kermit sneaks into the royal box, where he eventually appears, dancing to Katy Perry’s “Roar” and everyone’s favorite royal fall boy, Prince Edward, looking gorgeous for all the insults.

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However, the sweetest moment of the night was provided by Prince William, who praised his father’s environmental advocacy, which was repeatedly referenced in a breathtaking drone shot of the night sky.

“Dad, we’re all so proud of you,” she said, then, referring to her grandmother, “I know she’s there, lovingly taking care of us. She’d be a proud mother.

Tonight, it would have been active to doubt it.

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